A Few of the People We Have Helped
I Get What a 10 out of 10 Relationship Feels Like!
“Words cannot express my gratitude and happiness over meeting the man of my dreams since working with Douglas and Eileen. Your 6-month program helped to uncover my unconscious patterns so I could change them and create the life and amazing relationship I have always wanted and knew was available to me. Thank you for all that you do!” Laura Y.


Douglas and Eileen are a Blessing!
“Working with Douglas and Eileen allowed me to see that I can be authentic and attract the relationship I have always wanted. In the past, I subscribed to the more ego-based approaches mentioned in many of the dating books and they never felt right to me. The method that I learned in this program works with any relationship in your life and I am so excited with the skills and confidence I gained.” Nina K.


I Highly Recommend Douglas and Eileen to Anyone Looking to Find Genuine, Lifelong LOVE!
“Douglas and Eileen have provided a safe and supportive foundation for me to help explore my relationship dreams and not settle for anything less! As a therapist, I know the value in seeking support and guidance during times of struggle and disappointment. They have helped me to recognize my unhealthy patterns and create a new mindset. I felt cared for, listened to and supported each time I spoke to them.” Brittany N.


I Am Filled with such Love and Gratitude for Working with and Knowing You Two!
“They showed me who I really am and that I am worthy of love. Amazing things have happened since I started loving myself. Working with both of you together was an enriching experience, having both the male and female perspective was super beneficial.” Diana S.


I Thank You for this Work and Recommend It to Anyone that is Single!
“Douglas and Eileen have created an amazing program that helped me fall more in love with myself. I can’t wait to attract a quality partner!” Julie B.