Douglas Barber

After experiencing a broken back at 21 and again at 23, Douglas had a wake up call that his mission is to help as many people get out of pain as possible. He chose relationship pain as his primary focus since he wanted to be a great partner with someone. After a divorce in his early 20’s, he spent 16 years figuring out what motivates people in relationship and what was necessary to have an amazing relationship. Douglas is a Certified Relationship Coach, an Emergent Care practitioner and seeker of all things spiritual. Douglas feels very blessed to have been invited to Spiritual Relationship Classes in 2000 by a friend where he met Eileen and they began their spiritual partnership. Over seventeen years later, they are very happily married and love sharing their recipe for success with the world. Douglas’ keen mind, gentle manner and heart-centered communication encourages the healing space necessary for clients to make extraordinarily positive changes in all their relationships.

Douglas and Eileen also have a son, named Finnegan who is 14, and 2 West Highland Terriers, Penny and Max.