Eileen and Douglas Barber

Our Winning Approach

The AWAKE Signature Method is the culmination of 40 combined years of creating conscious relationships with each other and supporting others to have similar extraordinary relationships where growth, creativity and kindness are the foundation.  

This Method is a formula for success for every person ready to be in a loving and committed relationship.  Clients learn to understand who they are, what they want and how to manifest it. This system is a template for attaining an amazing relationship. Their clients have extraordinary results by following the AWAKE Method. 

Our Story

Douglas and Eileen Barber had each experienced years of failed relationships and trusted there had to be better way. After years of trying different modalities, they each found themselves in relationship classes in Boulder, where as fate would have it, they met in January of 2000. Over the course of the next 3 years they discovered a pragmatic approach to creating, developing and maintaining a true spiritual partnership. They have designed a curriculum for staying present in our modern world and they lovingly and thoughtfully share this with each of their clients. Their 18-year relationship, including multiple cross country moves and living in 3 different countries, has given them the insight, compassion and experience necessary to help their clients fully embrace, embody and manifest their own unique vision of a co-creative, spiritual partnership!

They love to spend time hiking, traveling, and raising their 13-year old son, Finnegan.