Eileen Barber

As a spiritual seeker since the age of 17, Eileen spent years exploring her spirituality attending Hindu temples, practicing yoga and learning to meditate in her 20’s. After 2 decades of unfulfilling relationships, Eileen began her quest to find out what makes a great relationship and how to attain one. While on her path, she attended Spiritual Relationship Classes in Boulder, Colorado where she met Douglas and they began manifesting their co-creative partnership.

The philosophy of consciously creating and maintaining partnerships where one does not have to compromise their deepest relationship desires is what she loves to share with her clients. Their mission together is to share their proven process for manifesting, maintaining and co-creating amazing relationships with as many people as possible. Eileen’s authentic, compassionate and intuitive wisdom resonates with her clients allowing them to experience life-changing transformations. Her clarity about how to embody and integrate the information in a useable, non-judgmental manner empowers her clients to achieve outstanding success.

Eileen and Douglas also have a son, named Finnegan who is 14, and 2 West Highland Terriers, Penny and Max.